Rules and recommendations for use.


 Realtors 1. Place your ad is not in the section - "Realtor services", enter the block list.

 2. The contact information should be listed in the designated fields, and not in the text description.

 3. Do not use the text in the ad title and in capital letters.

 4. It is forbidden to duplicate the ad before the expiry of the previous ad

 5. Stay only appropriate ads by category to one of the sections.

 6. Do not use foul language texts Records.

 7. Use the HTML tags.

 8. It is not allowed to publish the information, contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation.

 9. It is forbidden to insult the user and / or to swear in comments mat / mat veil.

 10. The user is solely responsible for any information placed them.

Administration is not responsible for the content of the published versions, as well as for the actions of users, and is not involved in the legal relationship between the parties that have concluded or are likely to be made ​​between a particular transaction of purchase and sale with the to help of the this site.
of the administration Reserves the right to address close e-the access to the site to the any the the user, as with a well as with to Prevent the publication of its' Proposed options without giving scene a reason.
the Use of the this site is a a testament to unconditional Acceptance of these terms and conditions of the Rules .
Reserves the right the Management to the remove the ads for breaking the rules the Boards Referred to in the the above the Paragraphs, regardless of what the status allocation and allocation TERM Assigned to the of ad. Please the BE careful!